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by HinaHina-chan

2006年 05月 15日 ( 1 )

Tanaka Of Tokyo

Today is Mother's day.
I went to Tanaka Of Tokyo for dinner with Dad and Mom.
Yum, yum!
A chef cooked teppanyaki in front of us.
His performance was so cool and funny.
He did a card magic after cooking.
I picked up one from the bunch of cards he had.
It was "ten hearts".
Then I put it back into the bunch.
After shuffling the cards well, he opened the top one.
It was "ten hearts"!
So cool!!
He signed on the card and gave it to me.
I was so excited.
I'm sure I'll keep it forever with me.
by hinahina-chan | 2006-05-15 18:09 | Delicious!